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Feb 14, 2014 at 06:53 AM

QM certificate issue in QC20


Dear Experts,

We have a scenario where in we have two plants. One is 1000 (manufacturing plant) and 1001( depot).

We have all setup (MICs, inspection plans, certificate profiles) in place for QM to generate certificate in QC20 at 1000. But the same material is transferred to 1001 (Depot) and from there, it is shipped to customer. So now we want the certificate (QC20) to be generated against outbound delivery of 1001 to customer without having any setup at 1001. Can you suggest if there is any way that we could accomplish this? If we create all setup (MICs, inspection plans, certificate profiles) and again do the result recording (qa32) for the same materials at 1001, it would be duplicate work for users.

If we try to generate certificate at 1001 against outbound delivery of 1001, we get following error.

The data for batch 000000000000XXXX 1001 XXXXXXX could not be printed