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Feb 14, 2014 at 05:39 AM

Issues after upgrading to IQ 16.0 SP3



I migrated from 15.2 ESD#2 to 16.0 SP3. After the migration I'm encountering some issues, the most relevant are:

1.- A load table (20M rows, around 60 columns) that use to take 30min in 15.2 is now taking over 1hr.

2.- the truncate table from the same table in 1, take around 30 minutes. Should not truncate be almost instantaneous?

3.- An insert update from SAS (72K rows, 10 columns) that use to take 1.5 hrs in 15.2 is now causing the server to stop responding after around 1 hr. It is necessary to kill the server process because even the stop_iq command do not stop the server.

4.- Several index look to be corrupted even if the sp_iqcheckdb 'verify database" return no errors. After repairing the all the indexes if the table with sp_iqrebuildindex, the queries start to work well. Does this means that I need to rebuild all the indexes in the database.

5.- After upgrade, I'd some proxy tables from ASE 12.5.3 that connect via remote server using JDBC, but when I try querying the proxy tables the server crash. To solve this I need to drop the proxy tables, drop the remote servers, recreate the remote serves using ODBC, and then recreate the proxy tables. Should not the server send error messages instead of crashing?

Have anyone encounter this issues? Can you share your experiences and solutions?

Thanks a lot,