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Nov 03, 2005 at 03:07 PM

Location of room documents / Moving room documents upon room deletion


Hi All!

I have two questions concearning room extensions / room documents and any input on one or both of those questions would be much appreciated.


I set up several room templates which use room extensions to create the folder structure for future room content. By content I mean room documents, FAQs, discussions etc. The problem is that it seems to be impossible to place all room content folders within one single directory (which, in my opinion, would be ideal in respect of backing up data or administrating the room contents). I'll try to better explain what I mean:

Instead of a hierarchy like this:








The room extensions seem only to allow the following two structures (let's say that "/rooms" already exists):

/rooms/documents/workspaces/documents (of room A)

/rooms/documents/workspaces/documents (of room B)


/rooms/FAQ/workspaces/FAQ (of room A)

/rooms/FAQ/workspaces/FAQ (of room B)



or, if one sets all extensions to the same store (path) called "/rooms":

/rooms/workspaces/documents (of room A)

/rooms/workspaces/documents (of room B)

/rooms/workspaces/FAQ (of room A)

/rooms/workspaces/FAQ (of room B)



Either way, one ends up having elements from different rooms within the same directories, all named alike (the IDs are different, of course, but hidden). This makes it very difficult to find out e.g which "documents" folder belongs to which room.

The second thing I don't understand is why the extensions always create a subfolder called "workspaces", even though this folder can't be found within the definition of the respective store (path). Can the creation of this folder be avoided or is it necessary for internal reasons?

Is it at all possible to create the desired structure shown above? This would mean to (automatically) create a folder named after the room currently being created and several subfolders according to the different extensions (Documents, FAQ, etc.).


I know that it is either possible to leave all room documents where they are upon room deletion or to delete them along with the room (by adding the extension point ON_DELETE_ROOM to the appropriate extension).

However, we would like to keep the documents of deleted rooms and automatically move them to an archive directory when a user decides to delete a room (or, in other words, closes a project).

Can this be achieved and (if yes) how?

I know those are a lot of questions. I also hope I could explain what I mean. Thanks a lot in advance for your time and efforts!