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Feb 13, 2014 at 03:54 PM

Hana SPS07 and spatial data



Interested in the intriguing possibilities of spatial data manipulation now that you have your SPS07 instance?

Wish to learn more or contribute along with other explorers in this brave new world of business data meets geospatial?

There appears to be very little in way of example content. The official reference guide, which albeit useful, does not provide use cases within the context of SQLScript where the functionality could really be exploited over large geospatial datasets.

There are a few other blogs out there which present wonderful slides or flashy videos yet add little to illuminate what's going on under the hood, how the engine was put together component by component with example code which we as developers love and learn from best.

I thought I'd throw out this discussion into the wild to hopefully attract like-minded souls who may be starting out on this geo adventure, where we can share thoughts, solutions, workarounds and information to everyone else.

So without further ado.....