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Feb 13, 2014 at 03:22 PM

SOAP Receiver adapter on 7.4 AEX exeeds synchronous timeout


I have a problem with NW 7.4 AEX (single stack) with synchronous SOAP calls ( SOAP- AEX- SOAP)

I'am not able to get a response from SOAP Receiver channel, I always get a MessagingExpiredException.

My scenario:
1a. webservice client calls AEX with SOAP-sender-channel
2. AEX calls other webserver - this works ( JBOSS in my case. I see it in the jboss log)
3. AEX throws a MessagingExpiredException, message log shows "Synchronous timeout exceeded"

My other tests:
4. set the parameter syncTimeout in SOAP_CHannel for Module CallSapAdapter does not change anything
5. Asynchronus communication works with changing the SOAP-sender-channel to "Exactly one"
6. webservice client calls JBOSS direct : works

In the forum discussion is mentioned the "XPI Inspector" (SAP Note 1514898) instead of trying to set the SOAP adapter log level to DEBUG.

Any ideas ?


Hier are the message logs: