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Nov 03, 2005 at 10:57 AM

Problem storing properties with IServiceProfile



I found the following SDN Topic which seems to be similiar to my problem:

I feel I have the same problem but not on EP6 SP3 but on current EP6 (tested on SPS12 and SPS14). So I decided to open this as a new topic again:

I have a service for which I am trying to set properties programmatically.

I created an iView which calls a set method on the service. In this method a specific property of the service is changed using the following code:

IServiceProfile serviceProfile= context.getServiceProfile();
serviceProfile.setProperty(key, value);;

However, if I look in the Property Editor of this service sometimes this call seems to change the property and sometimes not!

Specifically, if I use the call above just after restarting the SAP EP it works. But any following call does not change the value in the Property Editor.

If I check the value bevor changing it in the iView which does the change it seems like the property value has been changed correctly.

But it is not a caching problem in the browser, because if I access the property from a different iView it has not changed as well.

Does anybody know about a solution to this problem?

Best regards,

Stefan Brauneis