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Feb 12, 2014 at 11:43 PM

Summarized data


Hello, I have a question regarding compounded objects. I have a query in which I am using Cost center which has a compounding of Controlling area. I am using a Z keyfigure. that is it so

what I want to do is hide the conrolling area and only show the cost center and this z keyfigure.

Since one controlling area can have multiple cost centers, i am getting results like this:

Cost center: 101, 102, 201

Controlling Area: CO1, CO2

Let's say that 101, 102 and 201 costcenters are in both CO1 and CO2, I only want balance Z Keyfigure by cost center. but i am getting my results like this:

Cost Center ZKeyfigure

101 $100

101 $200

102 $230

102 $210

201 $20

201 $80

Since cost center is compounding, the system is looking at each of these values as different from one another.

I want my report to be like this:

Cost Center ZKeyfigure

101 $300

102 $440

201 $100

How can i do this? Please let me know.