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Feb 12, 2014 at 04:03 PM

SAPUI5 at runtime or dynamic


Hi to All

I have been looking at UI5 for a while now, going through examples and slowly getting them to work. I saw a couple of them with the word "dynamic" in the description but I failed to find what of the code gets generated during runtime. For example in a table the columns which should be displayed are all written out in code with an "addColumn". This means that I need to know before hand what the table is going to look like. There are cases (e.g. customer configurable table in SAP back end) where this will not be known while creating the view in UI5. Sooo... how is it possible to handle something like this with SAPUI5?

It is not obvious and maybe I am just missing something. Sometimes I think UI5 is a step backward compared to WebDynpro (which of course has other issues).

I would much appreciate any pointers or links which could help explain how SAPUI5 can handle runtime/dynamic generation.