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Former Member
Feb 12, 2014 at 02:05 PM

SAP River - Call an action passing a Stream


Hey River early adopters,

Here is my scenario:

I created an action like this:


application myApplication {

action testStringStream (ss: String[]): String{

let messageReturn: String = '';

foreach(item in ss){

messageReturn = messageReturn + item;


return 'Final: '+messageReturn;



To call this action I checked the auto-documentation generated in:


and it gave me the following Request body:

{ "ss": <StringValue> }

but, making a HTTP Post with this request body, it returns the message:

"type": "ODataInputError",

"message": "Bad Input: Problem with action parameters types"

I've tried several different ways to make that call but I keep getting the same error...

The question is: How is the right way to pass a Stream type in a HTTP POST request body when calling an action??