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Feb 12, 2014 at 11:19 AM

BAPI for uploading data into custom fields of Business partner in SAP TM


Dear Experts,

In Business Partner(BP) transaction, when I choose BP role as 'Carrier' I get one of the tab 'Vendor data' enabled. Within this tab, we have added few custom fields.

We got new requirement to create a business partner via report program (Excel as input) which will have input as these custom field values.

I see FM's - BAPI_BUPA_CREATE_FROM_DATA, BAPI_IDENTIFICATION_ADD and BAPI_BUPA_ROLE_ADD will help to upload Roles, Identification numbers and mandatory data of BP. But I did not find any other BAPI which will update the custom field values.

I see most of the BAPI's which were available and used in ECC for the similar requirements are not available in TM system.

Off course we can do with BDC but am looking for BAPI if available.

I have found class - /SCMB/CL_BPTM_HELPER Method - POST_TMBPGEN which would update the table /SCMB/D_BPTMGEN in which my custom fields are present. This will fulfill my requirement. But is it right way of doing it?

Kindly please provide your inputs for my ideas. If any BAPI available which would suffice my requirement or only BDC is the option or I can call standard class as mentioned.