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Feb 12, 2014 at 10:52 AM

Production ECC to Quality PI


Hello All SAP PI Experts,

We faced some errors while performing a scenario. The scenario involved IDoc to File. All of these were conducted in production environments ie, IDocs were sent from Prod ECC system to Production PI system and from there to Production ECC system. But we found some IDocs were being missed from processing. All IDocs would reach the PI system and IE would process them successfully but when those processed messages were being sent to AE, a few of them ( one or two) would get missed being transferred and as a result of that the receiver would receive less number of messages than was expected. So we contacted SAP team and inorder to solve this issue, they asked us to send the IDocs simultaneously to both production and quality PI system and they will try to find the reason behind the issue in quality system.

Now my question is, we need to create the same scenario in quality PI system. But we have to establish connection between the Production ECC sender system and quality PI system and also quality PI system to another Production ECC system. Is that possible ? Can we set up a connection between production and quality system ? If yes, how and what precautions do we have to take while performing this ?

Kindly help with this issue.