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Nov 03, 2005 at 07:01 AM

How to create a simple list of hyperlinks


I am brand new to EP6 and PDK. Not sure where to start. So I wanted to start with a very very simple example.

I have an existing ASP that is a simple list of HyperLinks.

I assume I should be able to create a JSP that runs on EP6 that does the same thing and when shown in EP6 to a user it has the look and feel of the rest of his iViews.

- I assume I use the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio and create a PDK Project and a JSP. What stylesheets do I use and graphics (eg a button and an arrow) should I use.

- I have seen on eLearning site a presentation Developing iViews for SAP Enterprise Portal with the Portal Development Kit (PDK) for .NET. Is there one for JAVA/JSP ?