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Feb 12, 2014 at 07:57 AM

Help needed on SAP HANA Studio


Hello Everyone,

I have some questions related to SAP HANA Studio.

1) How to change Max rows from 200 to 5000 in Data Preview?

2) While creating graphical calculation views, I could not add more than two tables in "join", "union" operations.

How can I add more than two tables or views in "join", "union" operations?

3) In SAP Hana Studio and modeler view, we have an element called ‘Projection’ (join, union, aggregation of calculation view).

When working with ‘Projection’, I can only add two objects(joins, unions etc) to it.

Why only two objects allowed? How can I add more than two objects to ‘Projection’?

4) How can I change the data type of a table column in model views(Attribute/Analytic/Calculation)?

5) Is it possible to change the data type of a table column? How?

6) Is there a way to create two index tables on one and the same column of a table?

7) In SAP HANA Studio, how to create outer joins on two different tables using SQL queries?

Please help me in resolving the above queries.