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Feb 11, 2014 at 10:38 AM

oModel.update() - Error while parsing xml-stream


Hi there,

I'm getting an Error when i do a oModel.update() request against the Netweaver Gateway.

The following problem occurred: HTTP request failed500,Internal Server Error,{"error":{"code":"CX_SXML_PARSE_ERROR/001560AA0E081DEB8CA398CC1690D406","message":{"lang":"en","value":"Error while parsing an XML stream"}

It's no problem to read or create entities - everything works fine.

So for update with json I do a read on the specific entity.

In my onReadSuccess function i do the oModel.refreshSecurityToken() to get the X-CSRF-Token. (works, too)

Then I define the data which changes.

var oEntry = {};

oEntry.ID = id (dynamic);

oEntry.Name = name (dynamic);

var oParams = {};

oParams.fnSuccess = function() {alert("update successful"};

oParams.fnError = function() {alert("update failed"};

After that I do the oModel.update() in the function.

oModel.update(ServiceUrl, oEntry, oParams);

But here I'm getting error: error while parsing an XML stream

Does anybody know what to do? I read sth. about clearing the results & metadata but don't know how to do with JSON-Model.

Thank you very much