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Feb 10, 2014 at 03:57 PM

ODS BOM Extract index question



In our production environment in Sweden, running SAP ME, we are doing an hourly ODS transfer.

During this transfer we call amongst other things also the ODSGenealogyETL.bat file.

Since we are in the middle of starting up usage of SAP ME, there can at times be many BOM's
that we add to the WIP server that also needs to be transferred to ODS for reporting. I have noticed,
on those times when many BOM's have been added, that ODS BOM Extract takes several minutes.
The worst I have seen was approximately 20 minutes run-time just form ODS BOM Extract phase.

During this ODS Bom extract we also notice slower response times in SAP ME.

I have checked the highest queries based on CPU usage in the WIP Database (SQL Server 2008 r2, 64-bit).

Almost all of the top queries comes from ODS Bom extract queries with Where clauses on "Modified-date-time" and
"Partition-date-time" from the BOM table.

I have noticed that I have no indexes on "Modified-date-time" and "Partition-date-time". Is there a best-practice
to add additional indexes to WIP BOM Table when experiencing problems?

Best regards,

Johan Nordebrink