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Nov 02, 2005 at 03:06 PM

Webdynpros with Enterprise 47


Hi All,

i got another interesting question:

we are on Enterprise 47 rel.1 (WAS620) with EP60.

Now, we want to use SAP/Adobe Interactive Forms with webdynpros, but it is absolutely not possible for us to upgrade production box to Netweaver yet.


1. can we use Adobe forms with webdynpro support in the current environment by just adding a WAS640 to the landscape? If yes, what configuration should be done on the portal to support it?

2. if we add WAS640 to the environment, will we be able to use new ESS/MSS packages with Webdynpro support, considering that HR box is still on enterprise 47 (WAS620)

3. Is it better to upgrade current system to Enterprise 47 rel.2 (which is i assume WAS630 that should support webdynpros)? Is such an upgrade a big deal?

4. Are there any better alternatives?

Thank you,