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Feb 10, 2014 at 09:28 AM

Report Header


Hi All,

I have a report and i kept 5 sub reports in 5 report header sections.

The report i kept in section 5 having huge data.But there is no relation between section suppresion logic and my report fields.

I am showing the report header section 5 when {Status.transaction_type_id} = 17

So ideally when the {Status.transaction_type_id} <> 17 the report header 5 section should suppress without exicuting the report inside the section.

But when i integrate my report with application it is taking too much time to exicute even the {Status.transaction_type_id} <> 17

I think the report i kept in report footer section 5 is also exicuting .

How can i solve this.Please suggest

Below is my logic :

If (Not(isnull({Status.scan_mode})) and not(isnull({Status.transaction_type_id}))) then


if {Status.transaction_type_id} = 17 then false

else true


else True