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Feb 10, 2014 at 09:12 AM

Strategic Financial Planning RDS: Error while importing



While importing SFP RDS, I have got error message "unable to extend member formulas". I have got this message after "successful loading of master data for Version". Now I can access the application, model, dimensions but can't open delivered Input Forms. I am getting error message ' input form not found". I can see the list of input form in the server input form directory (6 forms - Actual Adj, Capex etc.). My excel version is Office 7, BPC front end is 10, SP 16, Patch 1, Build 8669. Server is on 7.31 and BP 801 ,

BTW, I have already implemented GL Planning and then imported again this PLANNING_SHELL with a different name (PLANNINGSHELL). This is because I need to check new functionality without hampering the old one.

Thanks in advance for your help!