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Feb 10, 2014 at 09:05 AM

SLM 7.1 system monitoring CPU metric collection ; erratic , irregular


Hello SAP,

We are running SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SPS6, HP-UX Superdome ia64 11.31, Oracle 11.2

We have configured the System Monitoring feature two years ago, and since then I can definitely not say that this feature is reliable,

especially when it comes to monitor our hardware resources (CPU Utilization)

The CPU metrics are collected, we do not have any error message, the configuration has been checked by sap support.

The problem is that the monitoring is irregular , inconstant. CPU metric sops suddently being colelcted for hours,days, and then it restarts, without any reasons

I have joined a screenshot that is more explanatory than a thousand words

I have opened several sap customer messages and I have been asked to :

Update the Saposcol: COLL 22.10 720 - V3.1.0 2013-06-20 HP-U

Update the Saphostagent

Update the CR Content in SLD

Apply the latest SP6 sap notes ....

None of this never solve anything ... I find it very difficult to explain to my Managers that SLM 7.1 is a modern and reliable monitoring tool

I was wondering if anyone is facing/faced the same problem ?

Thank you very much

Bes tRegards