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Custom Z fields in Universal Journals - ACDOCA

Jan 17, 2017 at 11:40 PM


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Dear all,

As my firm is currently undergoing the blueprint phase of S/4 HANA Finance implementation project.

One of the topics that came out was regarding the possibility of extending universal journal table (ACDOCA) with custom field within Coding block (not COPA characteristics) and its potential issue/implication.

I remember reading something that says Universal journals support custom field but would you please share your expertise/experience of appending this and potential issues by doing so?

Thanks in advance for your valuable advice.



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2 Answers

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Former Member Nov 29, 2017 at 02:28 PM

Our requirement was to append few custom fields in ACDOCA. Tried appending the z fields in CI_COBL custom include. Couldn't activate CI_COBL and ACDOCA also. This leads to system dumps since ACDOCA is in partially active status. Tried to delete the custom field from CI_COBL but couldn't do so either. Tried SE14 database utility adjust and activate database but got error "Database inconsistency".

Finally we had to restore the system to back date. To append any custom fields please use "ACDOC_SI_EXT". We could add all custom fields under this structure and activate ACDOCA successfully.

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Sanil Bhandari Jan 18, 2017 at 05:51 AM

Hi Taro

The coding block utility works exactly the same way in S/4HANA the way it works in ECC. However, the points that need to be considered is if you are doing a greenfield implementation or a system conversion, where you will be using the new coding blocks only for any new entity. For historical data, the fields will not be filled. If you are doing a greenfield implementation, it makes sense also to add the field for document splitting scenario as well. If you need financial statement as well at the z field level, than only you should consider adding the new field, else a better approach would be to use the characteristic route and not coding block


Sanil Bhandari

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