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Feb 09, 2014 at 07:04 PM

How to set a BEx Query Condition in Design Studio (e.g. Net value GT 0)


Hi experts,

I have set a simple condition in my BEx Query...

e.g. key figure "Net value" GT 0 to become only positive values in the query result.

In the Query runtime the condition works successful, but in the Design Sudio view the defined Query condition doesn´t work.

In my Design Studio crosstab I have tried to switch between the display setting "Conditional formating Visible" true/false, but without success.

By the way, before I have posted this thread, I had a look at this two blogs...

Design Studio 1.0: Create a Scorecard Using SAP BW BEx Query Exceptions

Design Studio 1.2 - a Second Look

Any ideas or experiences?

Thanks and regards,