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Feb 09, 2014 at 11:19 AM

Restricted stock


Hi experts,

I have a material HALB which is 1 ROH1 +1 ROH2 (Units for all the three are Pieces). HALB is produced in house.

I have 2000 pieces each of both ROH1 and ROH2 in stock and I have created 3 production orders for HALB to produce 1000 per order. The first 2 Production orders are released. 3rd Production order is created and saved but not released. When I do a material availability check for the 3rd Production order, I get a message that required materials are available. I should not get such a message as the existing stock of raw materials is already fully committed to the first 2 Production orders.

It looks like many people have raised this issue before in SCN and based on the information from their respective threads, following changes were made and some checks were done. The problem is not yet resolved.

OPJJ/OVZ9: ‘Stock in transfer’, ‘Include restricted use stock’, ‘Include dependent reservations’ are checked. Checking rule ‘PP’ and ‘Availability check’ ‘02’ are used to enter OPJJ/OVZ9.

When I press the ‘Component Overview’ button in the Production order, I could see the required number of pieces in the ‘Committed Quantity’ column.

MMBE: For both ROH1 and ROH2, the entire stock available in the storage location is shown under ‘Unrestricted use’ column, why?

‘Availability check’ (MM01 – MRP3) for ROH1 and ROH2 is set as 02.

OPJK: ‘Check material availability when saving order’ is checked. ‘Release material’ is set to ‘No release if missing parts’. Material availability - ‘No check’ is unchecked. The above mentioned settings in OPJK are made for Order type - PP01 and Checking rule - PP

Thank you very much for your time