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Former Member
Feb 07, 2014 at 03:29 PM

Has anyone had luck setting up NWBC to function like SAP gui


We have 2 issues we are unsure how to resolve...any ideas?

here are 2 key Issues I have come across relative to both versions of NWBC (the thick client and the HTML thin client):

1. Need ability to auto-move focus (and cursor) to next input field on reaching the end of the input field. This is a setting a user can make in SAP GUI.

2. Need ability for system to auto-suggest the object to be acted on based on what happened immediately preceeding it. (For example, a Standard SAP feature today is that once a person performs a goods receipt transaction and the insp lot is auto-created, then when the same person navigates to QE01 for Results Recording upon entering the tcode, the insp lot is auto-filled.). I believe this is standard SAP and not a user-definable setting.