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Feb 07, 2014 at 12:03 PM

Standard cost with Complete Sub-contracting process


Dear All,

Please clarify the following scenario:

We have execute Standard cost for the materials which are manufactured in sub-contracting process (we have four company codes…. Only once company code does in-house process and remaining three company codes are related to sub-contracting process… so we are executing standard cost run only for one company code which does in-house)

Maintained info record to capture sub-contracting cost, process starts as raw materials issued to sub-contracting plants and main plant receives FERT

There is no production order creation in the sending plant or main plant since all operation are done in sub-contracting company codes

Client Requirement:

In month end main company code pays sub-contracting charges to sub-contracting company codes, there is difference in this sub-contracting actual booking and info-record prices… client asks this difference has to transferred/allocate to products in main plants after receiving from sub-contracting plants…issue is we are not creating production orders in main plants so how to transfer sub-contracting variances in main plant for product wise


Upendar Singh