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Feb 07, 2014 at 09:51 AM

Assigning text's value with floating field to other text



I have an issue with floating fields.

I need dynamic appearence of different texts within a text field. This could be easily achieved by using floating fields which contains those different possible texts.

But if I try to assign (using script) different text which also contains floating fields to this floating field (or even other static text field) then values of floating fields are lost.

For simplified example:

FloatingField = "this example"

StaticText1 = "Test {FloatingField}"

StaticText = " "

FormCalc Script for StaticText in INITALIZE part:

StaticText = StaticText1

StaticText recieves just static value from field StaticText1 loosing value of floating field, i.e., StaticText = "Test ".

Is there a way not to loose value of floating field? ...and to get StaticText = "Test this example".

Best regards,