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Feb 06, 2014 at 10:13 PM

Help populating View Field



I have a view with a table on it that is populated via supply function in the Component Controller. On this same view I also have a "Text View" field that is supposed to display the number of table records.

In the controller supply function I populate the context for the table values and the context holding the value for the number of table records. So far so good. The view context is properly mapped to the controller context and the "Text View" field is properly bound to get the value/text.

For some reason when the view is initially presented the "number of records" field is not appearing at all. But, when I make any change like select a table line the field shows up properly. I cannot imaging what I am doing wrong to present this strange behavior.

Does anyone have any ideas why the view would not initially show or populate the "Text View" field?.

Thanks for any help with this.