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Feb 06, 2014 at 06:28 PM

Setting up 'Inv' Indicator in OB07



I have a situation where multiple currencies have been setup so that they have exchange rates going both ways.

e.g. USD-EUR and EUR and USD, HUF-PLN and PLN to HUF etc. but there are few currency combination which do not have this both direction flow.

Now the issue is, we have CHF-PLN setup but when an invoice is posted for PLN - CHF (PO in CHF but CC currency PLN) combination, system throws error "Enter rate PLN/CHF rate type M for dd/mm/yyyy in system settings", if I set the INV indicator in OB07 for ExRt M, the error goes away.

My concern here is, If I make this setting, what will be the implications, if any for the currencies flowing both ways? also another thing to note is some of these currencies also have alternate currencies column filled out with EURX or other exchange rate types. would this indicator result in wrong data in any of these cases?

Thanks for your replies.