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Feb 06, 2014 at 02:59 PM

Crystal Reports Justification Issue with Vendor Software


Hi All,

This is somewhat of a complex issue so hopefully I can explain it well to you all.

My company uses a piece of accounting software which also acts as a CRM and a means of distributing notices to investors. You can use crystal reports in two places, a report wizard which simply runs the crystal for whatever parameters you've selected and the other is called reporting services (RS). In reporting services, you can attach a crystal to a package and then generate that package to disseminate items to LPs.

There are several issues we're having with crystal in report wizard and reporting services. When asked about them, the vendor is telling us that the SAP Business object components are the issue and that there's no resolution as these are known issues in SAP. Further, the vendor doesn't support any crystal version above Crystal Reports (this is the version I use), which in my opinion is crazy because that's several years out of date. The first issue is that justification doesn't work at all once you place the crystal inside of report wizard or reporting services.

As you can see, the text gets completely jumbled when justification is present. I've tried updating my visual studio for Crystal Reports 2010 to SP 8, to no avail. I'm fairly certain that within the vendors software folder there is likely a DLL file that's being called so that it can read the crystal. Maybe if I find that and update it, it should be resolved? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions here!

The second issue is that when it prints a crystal to PDF in reporting services, it seems that there is some setting that is being triggered to shrink the text to fit the page. In the crystal file used, I've tried shifting all of my canvas items so that they're definitely fitting on one page, but this still triggers the setting.

(In the example below, the first item is directly from crystal, the second is after generating the package in reporting services).

As you can see here, the "superscript" box shifts over several millimeters. Unfortunately, I can't show you the entire page which would really demonstrate the issue further.

Since this is a foreign piece of software, I'm not sure how much you all could help me. What I really want to do is try and pinpoint the SAP Business components that are being called when I run a report to see if I can update the file. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!