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Former Member
Feb 06, 2014 at 12:59 PM

Cannot Access External Data #2148


Hi Experts,

Unable to run the dashboard in preview mode as iam getting the error as " Cannot Access External Data" unable to load URL :/services/session

Error screenshot has been attached.

Checked the crossdoamin file in ECC

<!DOCTYPE cross-domain-policy SYSTEM



<allow-http-request-headers-from domain="" headers="" secure="false" />

<allow-access-from domain="*" secure="false" />


even i checked the default.htm file in sicf transaction in ECC ,tested the service.its working fine.

But still iam getting the error,even i tested locally and eventually deploying to a web server, using the Flash Global Security Settings.But still error appears..

NEED HELP !!!!!😭!😭!😭!😭!😭!😭!😭

Thanks in Advance.