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Former Member
Feb 06, 2014 at 09:07 AM

Unable to download CSS file to portal



I have problem in edition of some values by Theme editor so I'd like to edit them direct in CSS files ( mainly colors) and then to upload it again to custom theme.

So I made some correction in CSS files and then tried to upload them back.

I copied all files from ZIP with CSS with some modified files to file without CSS - doesn't work. I get an error - time out

Then I tried to add only modified files, but I created also a missing directory ls. There is a progress, no error, but only warning that something went wrong and I should look at log - I was looking but couldn't find any helpful hints. I tried to download zip file to check if my changes were done but values are still unchanged.

Does any one could describe me how to upload modified CSS files? And does changes in CSS files are visible immediately after successful uploading or the the server need to be restarted?

Any help???:-)