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Feb 06, 2014 at 07:55 AM

Hello, Can anyone help me with this cascading prompt error ?


In my project I am creating a report for a client who needs Cascading Prompts. I have implemented the Universe level Cascading List of Values and in the Webi Report I have created the filter using Client Name and used a Prompt

Cascading list of value is based on:

Country Name

Region Name

Client Name


I have a client name "Bob" who is a present in USA and United Kingdom and when I select client name under "USA" I am also getting values in the same report for United Kingdom which I don't want to see. Can anyone help me resolve this error ?


untitled.JPG (69.1 kB)
untitled2.JPG (119.8 kB)
untitled3.JPG (121.2 kB)