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Feb 06, 2014 at 07:27 AM

Posting periods in SAP


Dear Guru's

There is requirement from our client which is as follows

Currently we have 12 normal periods and 4 special periods

Say for example we are in the month of February and books for January has not closed yet.

So in OB52 both January and February is open.

What my client wants is that although the both the periods are open but after 30th January system should not allow posting for the dates 1-30th January and should only post in 31st January and February.

For example:-

From 31st Jan till the time period for January is open system should only allow the posting date 31st January and no other date in January.

Similary for all subsequent months

As of now , If i keep open January , it is allowing to post in the all the days if January.

If i close it , it will not allow me to post in any day of january.

And this change will be applicable to my leading ledger and not to any extended ledger.

Really appreciate all your help.