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Feb 05, 2014 at 09:59 PM

Solution Manager Refresh


Hi All,

Our development solution manager is completely messed up. And we are planning to upgrade solution manager from 7.1 SP6 to SP10

Our plan is to refresh dev solman to make it like prod solman & upgrade dev solman to SP10.

We never done solman refresh before & could not get much help finding related information on SDN too.

Little bit of background about our landscape.

We have 9 ECC systems in total.

2 are sanboxs', 1 training, 4 in production landscape. These 7 systems are setup in prod solman.

Another 2 systems are in project landscape & are setup in dev solman.

Solman configs are:

  • CTS+ configured for portal.
  • EWA is configured.
  • Willy is installed for java.
  • Technical monitoring is configured.

Need your help on solman refresh. Please clarify following questions:

1. Is it possible to refresh solman?

2. If yes, please point to right direction to find detailed info on it.

3. If not, then whats the workaround to achieve my goal without putting prod solman at risk.

let me know if more info is required.