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Feb 05, 2014 at 07:11 PM

Running SAP ASE on the top-notch Oracle T5-4 Servers...


Hi all,

I am just about to dive into an exiting experience of running SAP ASE 15.7 on the top-notch Oracle T5-4 servers - with the fastest CPUs available as of today - 3.6 GHz, up to 512 computing threads, 2 TB RAM. Sun Solaris has been always very popular with Sybase ASE. But since Oracle has taken ownership over SUN and since SAP has taken ownership over Sybase, there arose a degree of doubt as to how well the two will work together in future. We live this future now.

In addition, I will be diving into an IMDB technology - which may now enjoy terabytes of memory available over the fastest CPU chips around.

If anyone has an experience working with T5-x platform for ASE - I would be glad to learn. I will be sharing my experience here as time goes by.