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Former Member
Feb 05, 2014 at 07:29 PM

SAP EP 7.31 SP6 to SAP EP 7.4 or EP 7.31 SP10



We are having SAP EP 7.31 SP6 right now and planning to upgrade to either latest SP level (which is SP10) or New version which is SAP EP 7.4.

Now, while making the decision, we want to know what are the advantages or new features out there with SAP Ep 7.4 which we may miss if we just upgrade to latest SP level?

IF there are significant new features which are there in EP 7.4 and not in EP 7.31 SP 10, then we would like to make a call to go for SAP EP 7.4. Otherwise, we do not want to just upgrade to the newer version all together.

So, please provide your expertise in which direction we should move forward. If someone knows what are the additionals in EP 7.4 which are not there in EP 7.31 SP 10 then please let us know.