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Feb 05, 2014 at 05:45 PM

MD04 : Planned orders still visible despite coverage of quantity


Dear friends

Can someone explain to me this case?

The calculation of requirements for a material within a plant to generate 3 planned orders, for example

Date PldOrd Qty

D1 PldO1 Q1

D1 PldO2 Q2

D1 PldO3 Q3

I have converted the planned order PldO1 in purchase requisition with a quantity = Q1 + Q2 + Q3 and Delivery date D1.

I noticed, PldO2 and PldO3 are still visible in MD04 as well as purchase requisition.

On the other hand, when I use MD09. To see the source of the requirements of PldO2 PldO3, the system Display that there's no source of requirements.

So I launched the calculation again, planned orders disappeared from MD04 which is normal.

My question.

Why before the launch of the calculation, PldO2, PldO3 are always visible in MD04. While the need is covered by the purchase requisition ?

Best regard