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Feb 05, 2014 at 05:19 PM

Campaign Generation Wizard - Import from Excel failure


Hi all,

I'm trying to import business partner "target group" template into SAPB1 from Excel,

I tried a simple test of this and I can't get it to work - I've searched these forums and I can't find a similar case.

Here's the test Excel worksheet that I tried to import:

Here's the cell alignment in SAPB1:

When I press OK I'm asked to open the file in question.

The default filename is "*.txt" and the only file extension offered is "Text files (*.txt)".

I can manually change the file extension to XL by typing "*.xls" in the "File name" box - this shows my excel worksheet, but when I try to load it, it fails.

Similarly, I can save a copy of the excel worksheet as a txt file.

Both fail with the following error:

As you can see, Excel is not open here - as other reports of similar failures seem to point out as a common cause.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Capture1.JPG (10.7 kB)
Capture2.JPG (41.5 kB)
Capture3.JPG (59.7 kB)
Capture4.JPG (70.3 kB)
Capture5.JPG (28.6 kB)