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Feb 05, 2014 at 03:22 PM

SAT goes Eclipse Profiler -> Do I miss something or does the Profiler miss it?


I just learned that transaction SAT is retired and should be replaced by the profiling tools in ABAP in Eclipse.

I miss two things and maybe somebody here can help me with it:

  1. Connect to a customer system: I want (or actually have to :-> ) to analyze performance traces on a customer system. I don´t see how I can connect my local eclipse to the customer system (STFK or something similar). I ´s it me missing the knowledge the or is it the profiler lacking this functionality?
  2. Smart expansion: SAT has the ability to expand the critical pathes of a call tree (everything greater than e.g. 5% is automatically opened). Actually I would like to do this for a partial tree, but I can not see this even for the complete tree like it is available in SAT.

Thanks for your help,