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Feb 05, 2014 at 03:04 PM

Error in NW BPM switch step


Hello Experts,

I have designed a scenario wherein I am receiving a sync message via WS (SOAP to BPM as first step). BPM then makes a sync call to external WS to fetch the response. The response string is then expected to pass through a switch step (from ccBPM) which is Exclusive Choice step where i have written the following condition to check the age of a person and I want to perform some activity if he is equal or older than 18.


and a default condition set to true incase the age is below 18. If the condition of above 18 is true then we are posting to SAP system and the BPM is expected to give sync response back to user.

The first step is fetching the results correctly but the process is failing at Exclusive Choice step with no logical explanation. I tried debugging the process but gave the following exception

An internal error occurred during: "Connecting to debug...".

String index out of range: 40

The string that has been passed to Exclusive Chice step is number say 5 or 34 etc but still no idea why this error.

Any idea what could have went wrong.

Thanks in advance.