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Feb 05, 2014 at 11:46 AM

New hire (PPOME) & (0000)


Hi Experts,

For my understanding in the given scenario-

Before we hire new Employee-

1) A position needs to be created in "PPOME". Under the respective Organization unit and keeping the status as "Vacant" ?

Default- system will take "cost center & Personnel structure & working time" from PPOME and defaulted in to the organizational assignment 0001.

2 ) Then in Hiring action 0000, On the organizational assignment 0001 screen. we need to Put the Position no?

because that's how system will Default the above values...

my Question- is in Point 1, we only have the description of the position created. There is no numeric code generated, However in Point 2 - Position no. entered should be a numeric value. in an Organizational plan column of 0001.

a) please suggest, how to get that numeric code corresponding to the newly created "Position" in "Staffing screen" or can it be Internally assigned by the company through a number range assignment?

b) In the staffing screen- in detail area under Qualification tab, that filed was not active, or does it gets filled through "Qualification catalog" In IMG and How?

looking forward

please help.


0001.png (183.3 kB)
position.png (308.7 kB)