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Trouble with Context

First thanks in advance for your time!

I'm having trouble with the concept of the context. In all of the examples I search and reviewed they are always the same example. With that being said I have this example. I

have a table that looks like this.

Fac | # of orders | # of alternatives

SJN | 7 | 15

Fac = detail object, # of orders = measure, # of alternatives = measure.

The problem is that the value 15 is the value of the all of the data values that are possible for alternatives. In this case each of the orders should have some combination of alternatives. So for example one of the 7 orders may have 3 alternatives, the next order may have 5 and another may have 8 with the total of all 7 orders having say 104 total alternatives. The there are three queries. The first gathers the orders. The other two gather the alternatives and then lastly documentation. The later (documentation) is not part of the example. If I were to remove the column # of orders and substitute the orders number themselves the # of alternatives would be a column of the value 15, where they should be the count for the individual order id. I've tried using IN, Forall, Foreach, etc but I never get the correct values? Please give me some guidance. This is an important concept and I'm missing something!

Thank you!

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2 Answers

  • Jan 18, 2017 at 02:11 PM

    Here are the queries (orders , documentation, then alternatives)



    The table below should show a value of over 100 for # of Responses (Alt). Each order has between 3 and 15 alternatives.

    Below are the variables in the table.

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    • What is merged dimension in all three queries? Order ID?

      In the first Facility detail object if you are making as detail then select the associate dimension (Order ID?).even you have three columns only then you can try to place directly also.

      in the third column use the merged dimension object orderid in the formula and see.

      what will happen if you drag the order id also in the table.will you get the correct result.

      Sorry might be i am not clear in my last comment. can you please share the data screenshot of individual query.i want to see how is data coming in all three?

  • Jan 18, 2017 at 04:44 PM

    Amit, Thank you for taking the time to investigate. I decided that I could do this better with one query and have worked out the issue with the count as a result. Again Thanks !

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