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Feb 05, 2014 at 11:36 AM

Mailattachment->PI->AL11 path


Dear Experts,

I have completed the development Mail->PI->AL11 path its succesfully executing for POP mail users.

Step by Step to Update the Mail Attachment in AL11 using Mail, NFS adapter through SAP PI

But it not working from mail exchange server users.


I need to send one CSV attachment file from mail through PI and update in AL11 path.

For POP users can sent a mail with attachement and its sucessfully updating in AL11 path.

But from mail exchange server can sent a mail inbox with attachement from that it cant able to pick the attachement and not able to update in AL11 path.

I have tried all the possbile way.Not yet get the solution.

Has any one face this issue? Is this possible in SAP PI 7.1 Let me know.


Best Regards,