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Feb 05, 2014 at 10:23 AM

Tax percentage logic in report


Hello experts,

We are developing a new report for tax purpose. In the report we have a field Tax percentage. At present we are passing Tax type, Tax code and country in A003 table for getting condition record number. Then we are passing this condition record number and tax code in KONP table and picking the rate.

But there are few limitations in this logic - If one tax code is having two condition types and two condition records then we are picking only first condition record since in our report tax percentage field is a single value field. Secondly, when we are passing tax code and condition record in KONP table if we get multiple tax rates under one condition record then we are picking only first condition tax rate. Here we are not passing sequence number since it is not available anywhere.

Any suggestions on how to overcome these limitations would be highly appreciated.