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Feb 04, 2014 at 07:42 PM

APO DP Planning Book


Hello all:

I want to set up my DP so that users can see 3 months of historic buckets when they open the Planning Book/Dataview. I have 5 years of data in DP (3 years of history and 2 years of forecast). They can scroll in either direction to see all the historic and future data; however, the DV opens up with first visible month being the current month. They would like to open it up with the first month they see (without scrolling) being the current month minus 3. Today, they see the first bucket as the current month and then they are constantly scrolling back to see the last quarter of historic months each time they load a selection. I do not want these historic months to be changable and I want it to roll appropriately when the month rolls.

I went into "Define A Planning Book" (/sapapo/sdp8b) and on the Dataview screen, I see some choices, but none for this.

Any ideas?