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Feb 04, 2014 at 05:03 PM

KE27 - Transfer from ML to CO-PA - What exchange Rate type is used?


We have a company with a local currency of BRL and a controlling area currency of USD. We have configured our controlling area to pass company code and operating concern currency amounts to CO-PA.

When transferring periodic values from the material ledger to CO-PA, using transaction code KE27, 2 documents are posted in CO-PA, one in company code currency and the other in operating concern currency.

When transferring the documents from ML to CO-PA, what exchange rate does SAP use?

Is it the M rate, P rate or another rate? Does the system take the company code amount and convert to the operating concern amount, or does it take the operating concern amount and convert it to the company code amount, or does standard SAP not convert the amounts but simply transfer the values from the material ledger.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.