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Feb 04, 2014 at 07:57 AM

Check User Entered Field Values in CATS application


Hi Experts,

I'm doing custom validation on CATS application in method ONSAVE of WDC - HRESS_C_CATS and getting the CATS beginning and end date by


Now my requirement is I need to check the data entered by the user between begda and endda. Is there any structure to check all the values.

I know it's very easy to go ahead with User-Exit(CATS0006), but I need to do this validation triggers only for SAVE operation. So am going to WDC methods, as I can't check user specific actions in CATS0006 from portal.

Like for eg: In user-exits am using CATS_COMM to check the field values, such that I made a LOOP AT CATS_COMM to check all those workdate entries between datefrom and dateto. In the same way is there any structure/table that I can read it in webdynpro to check all those user entry fields for the week.

Please help and suggest me.