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Feb 04, 2014 at 04:10 AM

Old but needed: Justification on moderator's right to remove content


Hello Moderators,

Yes. This has been discussed several times before. And I never found a reason. I'm just very confused about what to post in a blog and what not!!!!

Where to post and where not!!

I recently posted a blog in Career center and this was removed with following message.

If the removed blog is not relevant, would Mr @kishan P tell me what is relevant? What do he has to say about several other blogs already posted there.

This is very very frustrating. Seems that this moderator is having some revenge kinda feeling just because I pointed him out in discussion. I asked few questions directly, is that the reason? That is why you were silent there.

All you moderators out there, Would you bother to tell me what is a correct blog content? What is a correct space??

This blog is about managing your time to improve your skills so that one can perform better in life and career. You find it irrelevant πŸ˜•. Give me a break !!

And please, do not tell me that I can also 'Report' other irrelevant blogs because you don't have whole day to review all the content. But this moderator didn't do any delay in removing my content without giving a significant reason. Or are you just misusing your power Mr.



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