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Former Member
Feb 03, 2014 at 07:44 PM

Currency Conversion Issue on Equity after Group Structure Change



I'm currently experiencing a strange situation on Equity accounts after running currency conversion following an addition of a new Group level in the ownership structure. I'm using BPC 10NW, and the Model is YTD based.

In 2013.12 (year-end) a new Group is inserted into the ownership hierarchy and some existing groups are reassigned under this new Group. 2012.12 F99 for the existing Group/Entity at USD (group currency) is copied to 2013.13 F00 new Group/Entity at USD.

Currency conversion is run one levels (existing) below the new Group and everything is fine - the values do not change. However when I run currency conversion at the new Group, only the amounts in the Equity accounts double. When I then run currency conversion at the next level above the new Group, again the Equity accounts at this level and below double again, but only for the Entities that relate to the new Group; and so the doubling continues up the organization structure.

These Equity accounts are setup to consolidate but not to translate. I've observed that this is only happening if I use the Input AuditID, which is strange since all the carry-forward uses, and has been using this AuditID.

I'm not sure what I'm missing, and welcome any suggestions. I've attached an illustration of the issue.

Many thanks