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Former Member
Feb 03, 2014 at 07:46 PM

How safe is it to switch the SQL 2005 server setting from 'nocount OFF' to 'nocount ON' for Powerbuilder 12.5?


We switched from MSS to OLEDB about a 2 years ago and are now getting random 'row changed between update and delete' and setting nocount on in the triggers helps this.

It only seems to happen to a few tables on a random basis. Data does not seem to be any factor for it, as we an do the delete/update of the same records in question on our testing server which we load the databases on periodically.

Would it be safe to turn on connection nocount for the entire server? From what I understand it would boost performance, but I am more concerened about program issues.

We currently use Powerbuilder 12.5 across the board now.