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Feb 03, 2014 at 04:58 PM

Ending Inventory for next month


What T-Code should I be using to capture not only the ending inventory of a specific month, but I also need to know the ending inventory of the next month, along with projected goods receipts and consumption.

Safety stock must be included in the ending inventory number.

I tried MC.9 and MCBZ, but the numbers are not resulting in the same ending inventory, therefore I do not know which one is the most accurate or if there is a better option to use. I ran MC.9 and MCBZ on January 29th to get the information required for February and then I ran January today (2/3/14).

Each Month I have report the following information

Actual Ending Balance

next month anticipated receipts

next month anticipated consumption

calculated ending balance for next month

SAP ending balance for next month (should be the same as calculated, but isn't always, not sure why not)

and then report the variance between Calculated Ending vs. Actual Ending each month.

Thanks for the help.